6 Underrated Tips to Crack Your Interview

6 Underrated Tips to Crack Your Interview

Getting Nervous.

Most candidates expect their interview to be interrogation and not interview.

In interrogation, only one person asks the question and the other one answers, whereas in interview it is a business conversation between a job giver and a job seeker where both of them are required to answer & respond to the questions

Several candidates fail to answer the questions with confidence and fail to understand their role of asking questions to the interviewer.


When an interviewer asks the candidate about their weaknesses, they don’t actually want to know about their weakness but want to know how you can handle that question.

Whenever asked this question, answer by highlighting the skills that you want to work upon in the future. Answering the questions by saying “I’m a perfectionist” is a big NO as it will sound too egoistic.

Failing to ask questions.

After the interview is completed, when being asked that “Do you have any questions?”, never say NO as it would make you seem having no interest for the role.

Before each interview, make a list of 3-4 relevant questions which you could ask the interviewer.

Not knowing yourself.

While preparing for an interview, a lot of candidates research a lot about the company but fail to research the skills, knowledge, and experience that they have developed and end up forgetting about them.

Make sure that you research about yourself so that when asked question about it, you can answer quickly which would make you seem well prepared.

Being Wired Too Much.

When entering an interview, make sure that you unwire yourself from the social world for the time being. Keep your phone on silent mode as a ringing phone is inappropriate in the middle of an interview.

Following-up After the interview.

After the interview, make sure that you drop a follow-up email within one week if you haven’t heard back from the company. Make sure that you send a thank-you email to the interviewer within 24 hours post interview.

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