CB3: Business Management (IAI)

CB3: Business Management (IAI)

CB3, previously known as CT9, is a Business Awareness Online Module, which involves students taking part in a ten day online business game and submitting seven complete exercises taking the online examination. Students will be required to do an advance study involving online tutorials, and also an online exam following the ten day business game.

The Examination Process: 

Login details: Students will be given Login ID and passwords wherein they will receive all the necessary online study materials, case studies for the exam which will be available only on Windows platform.

Business Game: A Business game will be scheduled for 10 days for all the students.

7 Exercises/Case Studies: Once login details are received by the students, they will be required to download the 7 Exercises/Case studies, to complete and  submit on the date specified while registration.

Online Examination: There will be an online examination which will be made available to the students under the  login access. It will be a two hour examination. 

The student needs to pass the exam to clear CB3.

The Business Simulation Game is an integral part of the course facilitated by Elgood Effective Learning. Students take on the role of Directors of a furniture business and are given the task of improving the company’s financial performance (measured by Share Price).

Students will be working in small groups and will be required to:

  • Analyze and assess the current competitive environment (A player briefing document is provided at the start of the activity).
  • Develop a strategy for their business.
  • Implement that strategy within a pre-defined framework.
  • Review their performance against expectations and make adjustments to reflect the new competitive landscape.

IAI allocates the students to small teams and allocates a coordinator for each team whose task is to communicate the team decisions and circulate the team result. The team decides on working together and decision making.

During the Simulation game there are four decision periods, each representing half a year for a business. The students are provided with current financial and market situations in each period, which also forms the basis for the team’s decision making. 

The schedule for the Business game is provided to the students in advance.  

CB3 examination is tentatively conducted twice a year. The IAI has the right to cancel the exam if there are insufficient students who register for the exam.

The fees for CB3 examination is INR 10,000.  

The results are declared on the 10th day of the result month. 

Students who have any queries regarding the examination can contact IAI at this mail id exam@actuariesindia.org

For further updates on the CB3 examination to be held by the IAI, click on the link https://actuariesindia.org/examination-dates

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