How to Crack Your First Interview

How to Crack Your First Interview

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First interview is a very important milestone in everyone’s life and that going well gives a person a great morale boost. The following might help you to make it better and give your best:

  • The 1st and the most basic step is to be able to land an interview in the 1st place. Make your CV strong and clear all the rounds before the interview round (if any).
  • Three points to a successful interview are:
    1. Showing interest – Research about the company. If you don’t have many papers cleared, show the willingness to clear them and to learn.
    2. Technical knowledge – If you have papers cleared, your concepts should be very clear.
    3. Personality – This point is very underrated, but the most important for a corporate job. You should be able to apply the knowledge and be able to communicate. It is very important to be confident and present yourself properly and professionally.
  • It is natural to be nervous, but be mindful of what you say and don’t utter anything without thinking. It is okay to say “I don’t know” if you don’t know the answer to a certain question. Try to overcome nervousness with practice.
  • You need to understand the concepts really well and be confident about it. College time can really transform your personality. Use this time to participate in events, make contacts and build your network. This will help you not only in interviews, but in life as well overall and boost your confidence. Also, it is a myth that you should not clear many papers during your college time. Infact, you should try to clear as many papers as you can during that time.
  • Prepare well for all the rounds, the most general ones being HR round, technical round and director’s round.
  • Before getting a job, your motivating factor should be “I have to get a job”. After you have gotten one, motivation should be to get better quality of work and achieve recognition.
  • To prepare for your interview, revise the papers you have cleared and its concepts as well. Relate them to the real world and take mock interviews.
  • College is an important bridge between school and job. People with no papers cleared should have a degree with 1st class.This is not so important for people who have papers cleared. Marks in Actuarial papers don’t matter much, clearing them with crystal clear concepts matter.
  • When it comes to computer skills, Excel is the most important along with R, Python, SQL, basic VBA, etc. Knowing Excel thoroughly is mandatory and gives you an upper-hand in the hiring process. The rest helps you in your job because of having a coding mentality already.
  • Lastly, it is okay to not crack your first interview, so rejections shouldn’t deter you from your goal. Infact, rejection is an important experience everyone should go through at least once as it is a reality check and breaks the bubble. You should not feel that if you have failed once, you will fail repeatedly. But, you should feel bad, work harder and come back stronger. Eventually, everything will end well and success will be achieved.

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