SP Level Mock Test Series

  • Features:
    • 1 set of mock
    • Detailed analysis, feedback and reports provided.
    • No. of attempts: 1
    • Access to the mock test till the student’s current exam term.
    • All pursuing Actuarial Science can appear for the mock.
    • For further assistance, contact +91 8100598543.
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Why take this mock series?

  1. Students will come to realize their mistakes and the areas they need to work on.
  2. These mocks simulate the exam environment which helps the student to respond efficiently in the official exams and increase their speed.
  3. The student’s concepts will become clearer and they will have a stronger grasp and a better understanding of the material.
  4. All possible relevant topics are covered in these mocks, which helps the student with thorough preparation and revision of the exams.
  5. With the assistance of these mocks, students will be able to get a 1×1 session with the mock examiner
  6. Accuracy level provided along with correct, skipped and incorrect questions.
  7. Solutions provided for all the questions of all the mocks.
  8. Detailed evaluation provided including that compared to the respective peers.

How to proceed?

  • After successful purchase, the student will receive an email containing the mock link, and submission information.


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