HR Questions

Question 1 

Tell me about yourself.


Good morning, sir or ma’am. I want to start by saying thank you for providing me this chance to introduce myself. I am xxxx, born in Delhi. I completed my schooling from xxxx and am currently pursuing my bachelors’ in xxxx.

In terms of my family, I come from a middle-class background. My mother is a homemaker, and my father has a business.

I am proficient in MS-excel, R programming and I have a keen interest in HTML, Tableau and SQL. My strengths are my self-assurance, optimistic outlook, and diligence. My flaw is that I’m prone to believing anything. My interests include listening to music, playing volleyball, and watching news programmes.

Question 2 

Why do you want to work for our company?


I believe that the job requirements for this role are a fantastic fit for me given my existing skill sets and my expertise in the XYZ domain. I could picture myself in that position because it suited my professional goals, abilities, and knowledge. Additionally, after researching your business, I discovered that it had excellent and optimistic prospects, which stoked my excitement about being a part of the exciting future. I would be proud to work for this organisation and felt it to be the ideal setting for leveraging my expertise and the opportunity for personal development.

Question 3 

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?


I consider my ability to work well in a team to be one of my finest assets. I also have a strong sense of motivation and am a quick learner. Whatever assignment I do, I always do my absolute best to finish it diligently and ahead of schedule. My shortcoming is that I am still developing my people skills while interacting with new people. Talking to new people makes me uncomfortable. I’ve been working on this for a while, and I can state with complete certainty that I’ve made progress.

Question 4 

How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?


I’d like to give myself an 8. 8 since I recognise that I’m not perfect and that there is always room for growth. The most essential component of both personal and professional development is ongoing learning.

Question 5 

What is your biggest achievement so far?


The biggest thing I’ve done is get over my fear of failing. It offers me a fuller sense of life and boosts my self-assurance.

Question 6

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


If I were chosen for your organisation, I would like to gain experience, additional knowledge, and abilities within the first two to three years before becoming a manager. After that, I would become a senior employee and team leader after completing all my actuarial examinations.

Question 7

Why should we hire you?


Since I’m a fresher, I just have theoretical knowledge; nonetheless, I need a platform where I can put that information to use in the real world. I pledge to make all effort for the organisation’s successful development. I will find it much easier to adapt to the working culture of your company because, as a new employee, I have no preconceived notions about how work should be done in an organisation. Due to my regularity and punctuality, I am able to complete the tasks assigned to me on time and make every effort to meet the needs of the business.

Question 8

How do you get to know about our company?


I got to know about your company from several online websites where I was going through the best companies for actuarial roles and found more about you by visiting and studying your company’s own website.

Question 9

What does success mean to you?


If I believe I am having an impact while working with a group of individuals to create a more successful business. For me, it is the best form of success.

Question 10

How do you handle stress, pressure, and anxiety?


I think it’s important to have a plan for your job and to consistently finish it. I never respond to stress; I always respond to events. I manage the problem and avoid stress in this way.

Question 11

Have you passed all actuarial exams? Can you tell me why or why not?


Different companies and organizations have different needs for their actuaries. To practice in certain settings and industries, you may need to take and pass certain actuarial exams. The hiring manager may ask this question to determine if you are a good fit for the position. To answer the question, be specific about the exams you’ve completed and express your interest in passing more if you haven’t taken them all. To prepare for this question, review the job listing to determine if they specify which exams you need to pass.

Example: “Currently, I have taken and passed seven standard Fellow of the Society of Actuaries exams. I’m very passionate about advancing as an actuary, and am currently studying and preparing to take and pass the fellowship tests.”